Justi Hidalgo

A contagious entrepreneur, with his own unique style to convey knowledge. Using different teaching methods with an infinite desire to help anyone who chooses to take the first step to start a project. A specialist and consultant who believes in themselves.

Carlos Ródenas

Experienced tour guide and professional with intimate knowledge of the top tourist destinations. An entrepreneur who loves Barcelona who equally enjoys all aspects of the job, both city tours and the Spanish language classes.

Marc Massana

An enterprising traveler, always planning the next destination. With years of teaching experience and a deep cultural and historical knowledge of Barcelona. Marc equally enjoys combining his career as a professional educator, with the pleasure of travel and discovering new places.

We are entrepreneurs

We are a team of professional experts in tourism, and university certified language teachers. We have developed a different and genuine way of understanding language learning : LANGUAGE TOURS. Our teacher-guides are certified in tourism and/or Spanish language and have a vast experience in both areas. We want to share our passion for our fascinating, modern and vibrating city.

These are our values

Communication + Coherence + Quality + Confidence + Commitment + Transparency


In the Rennaissance « Mercader Palace » from the XVII Century, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It is a unique complex of a great architectural interest, fully restored. In one of the most historical streets of the city, 50 meters from the city hall and very well connected.

Palau MercaderPalau Mercader Palau Mercader

Palau Mercader Palau MercaderPalau Mercader

BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona

BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona

BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona